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The Love Unlimited Orchestra

Info of The Love Unlimited Orchestra
The longtime support unit for R&B love man Barry White, the 40-piece Love Unlimited Orchestra's lush, string-laden sound helped set the stage for the emergence of disco. The ensemble was originally formed by White to back his female protégés, Love Unlimited, beginning with their 1972 debut LP; the orchestra soon began supporting White himself as well, and in 1974 they issued their first LP Rhapsody in White. Their biggest hit single was 1973's instrumental disc, "Love's Theme". The track, written by Barry White, went to No. 1 for one week in the U.S. and No. 10 in the UK Singles Chart. Two other albums, Together Brothers and White Gold, appeared later that same year, and in 1975 the Love Unlimited Orchestra returned with Music Maestro Please. Around the time of the release of 1976's My Sweet Summer Suite, the orchestra welcomed to its ranks a new member, saxophonist Kenny Gorelick, who under the name Kenny G. later went on to considerable success as a solo act. After recording the theme to Dino de Laurentiis' big-budget 1977 remake of King Kong, the Love Unlimited Orchestra recorded My Musical Bouquet a year later; Just a Little Bit Different followed in 1979, and in 1981 the group yielded two more LPs, Let 'Em Dance and Welcome Aboard. 1983's Rise was the final new Love Unlimited Orchestra LP, although they continued backing White in the studio and on-stage. The R.I.A.A. awarded a gold disc on 7 February 1974.

Origin - San Pedro, CA, United States
Genres - Soul, Funk, R&B, Disco
Years active - 1973-1983
Associated acts - Barry White

Past members - David T. Walker, Emmett North Jr., Don Peake, Ernie Watts, Gene Page, Kenny Gorelick(Kenny G), Lee Ritenour, Steve Guillory Sr., Wah Wah Watson(Melvin Ragin), Ray Parker Jr., Nathan East, Stella Castelucci and Others

Albums of The Love Unlimited Orchestra

 1974-Rhapsody in White(20th Century T 433)
1974-Together Brothers(O.S.T)
(20th Century ST 101)
1974-White Gold
(20th Century T 458)
1975-Music Maestro Please
(20th Century T 480)
1976-My Sweet Summer Suite
(20th Century T 517)
1978-My Musical Bouquet
(20th Century T 554)
1979-Super Movie Themes-Just A Little Bit Different
(20th Century T 582)
1981-Welcome Aboard - Presents Mr. Webster Lewis
(Unlimited Gold FZ 37425)
1981-Let 'Em Dance
(Unlimited Gold JZ 36131)
(Unlimited Gold FZ 38366)

 1995-The Best Of Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra(Mercury 314 526 945-2)

1974-Rhapsody in White

Produced-Barry White
Engineer-Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul and R&B

1. Barry's Theme(Barry White) 4:28
2. Rhapsody in White(Barry White) 3:53
3. Midnight and You(Billy Page and Gene Page) 5:10
4. I Feel Love Coming(Barry White and Paul Politi) On 6:23
5. Baby Blues(Barry White and Tony Sepe) 5:30
6. Don't Take It Away From Me(Barry White) 4:25
7. What A Groove(Barry White) 4:00
8. Love's Theme(Barry White) 4:08


1974-Together Brothers(O.S.T)
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: "Together Brothers"
Produced-Barry White
Engineer-Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul and R&B

1. Somebody Is Gonna Off The Man(Lyrics-Barry White;Vocals-Love Unlimited) 4:23
2. So Nice To Hear 2:40
3. Alive And Well 1:14
4. Find The Man Bros. 2:17
5. You Gotta Case 1:28
6. Killer's Lullaby 2:23
7. Theme From Together Brothers 2:51
8. Get Away 2:09
9. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today (Instrumental) 2:43
10. Somebody Is Gonna Off The Man (Instrumental) 4:21
11. The Rip 1:43
12. Stick Up 2:00
13. Dreamin' 0:44
14. Killer's Back 0:29
15. Do Drop In 2:33
16. Killer Don't Do It 1:54
17. Here Comes The Man 1:30
18. Dream On 1:35
19. Honey Please Can't You See(Barry White) 2:22
20. Can't Seem To Find Him(Written-Gene Page) 4:23
21. People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today(Lyrics-Barry White;Vocals-Love Unlimited) 2:40
(Very, very Special Thanks to Love Unlimited )


1974-White Gold

Produced-Barry White
Engineers-Frank Kejmar, Steve Hall
Genre-Soul and R&B

 1. Barry's Love(Part 1)(Barry White) 4:59
2. Satin Soul(Barry White) 4:15
3. Always Thinking Of You(Ray Parker,Jr.) 3:11
4. Power Of Love(Barry White,Tom Brock) 3:56
5. Spanish Lei(Billy Page,Gene Page) 4:52
6. You Make Me Feel Like This(When You Touch Me)(Barry White) 4:26
7. Only You Can Make Me Blue(Barry White) 3:19
8. Dreaming(Barry White) 4:35
9. Just Living It Up(Barry White) 3:37
10. Just Like A Baby(Barry White) 3:02
11. Barry's Love(Part 2)(Barry White) 4:42


 1975-Music Maestro Please

Produced-Barry White
Engineers-Barney Perkins, Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul and R&B

1. Bring It on Up(A.Kastner,B.White,G.Sopuch) 4:23
2. Makin' Believe That It's You(B.White,E.North Jr.) 3:37
3. Wanna Stay(B.White) 4:38
4. Give up Your Love Girl(B.White,D.White) 4:10
5. You're All I Want(B.White) 4:42
6. It's Only What I Feel(B.White,V.Wilson) 3:56
7. Midnight Groove(B.White,W.Seastrunk) 5:33
8. Forever in Love(B.White) 4:12


1976-My Sweet Summer Suite

Produced-Barry White
Engineer-Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul and R&B

 1. My Sweet Summer Suite(Barry White) 5:01
2. Strange Games And Things(Barry White) 4:10
3. Blues Concerto(Barry White) 3:42
4. You I Adore(Barry White,Tony Sepe) 4:59
5. Brazilian Love Song(Barry White) 6:09
6. Are You Sure(Diane Taylor,Glodean James,Linda James) 4:08
7. You're Given Me Something(Barry White,Frank Wilson) 3:26
8. I'm Falling In Love With You(Barry White) 4:18


1978-My Musical Bouquet

Produced-Barry White
Engineer-Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul and R&B

1-Don't You Know How Much I Love You 5:21
2-Stay Please And Make Love To Me 6:59
3-Hey Look At Me, I'm In Love 7:28
4-Love You, Ooh It's True I Do 4:00
5-Whisper Softly 7:32
6-Enter Love's Interlude 2:20
7-Can't You See 6:59

1979-Super Movie Themes-Just A Little Bit Different

Produced-Barry White
Engineer-Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul and R&B

1-Theme From Superman 6:01
2-Theme From King Kong 6:06
3-Night Fever 5:10
4-Grease     3:13
5-Intermission 2:21
6-Theme From Shaft 5:47
7-Theme From A Summer Place 4:14
8-The Way We Were 5:09
9-As Time Goes By 4:35
10-People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today     4:31


1981-Welcome Aboard - Presents Mr. Webster Lewis

Barry White
Engineer-Jack Perry
Genre-Soul and R&B

1. Welcome Aboard 6:27
2. Dreams 4:48
3. Night Life In The City 4:55
4. Lift Your Voice And Say(United We Can Live In Peace Today) 4:31
5. Welcome Aboard (Reprise) 0:42
6. Easin' 5:03
7. Antigua Blue 4:39
8. Wind 4:07
9. Strange 4:14
10. My Fantasies 4:00


 1981-Let 'Em Dance

Produced-Barry White
Engineer-Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul and R&B

1. Bayou 5:10
2. Jamaican Girl 5:32
3. I Wanna Boogie and Woogie With You 6:39
4. Vieni Qua Bella Mi 4:49
5. Freeway Flyer 3:23
6. I'm in the Mood 4:30
7. Young America 5:52



Produced-Barry White
Engineers-Barry White, Jack Perry
Genre-Soul and R&B

1. Take A Good Look(And What Do You See?) 6:27
2. My Laboratory(Is Ready For You) 6:18
3. After Five 7:32
4. Do It To The Music 5:44
5. In Brazil 5:34
6. Anna-Lisa 4:58
7. Goodbye Concerto 4:04


 1995-The Best Of Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra 

Produced-Barry White
 Executive Producer-Bill Levenson
Engineers-Barney Perkins,Frank Kejmar
Genre-Soul,R&B,Funk and Disco

1-My Sweet Summer Suite(12" Version)(Barry White) 7:17
2-Don't You Know How Much I Love You(John Mayer) 5:15
3-Brazilian Love Song (12" Version)(Barry White) 6:11
4-Rhapsody In White(Barry White) 3:56
5-Love's Theme(Barry White) 4:08
6-Satin Soul(Barry White) 4:11
7-Theme From "Together Brothers"(Barry White) 2:49
8-Theme From "King Kong" (12" Version)(John Barry) 8:05
9-Bring It On Up(Andrew Kastner,Barry White,George Sopuch) 4:22
10-Blues Concerto(Barry White) 3:39
11-Let The Music Play(Instrumental Version)(Barry White) 5:47
12-Forever In Love(Barry White) 4:05
13-Midnight And You(Billy Page,Gene Page) 5:14
14-Can't You See(Barry White,Vance Wilson) 7:00
15-Baby Blues(Barry White,Tony Sepe) 5:36


Singles of The Love Unlimited Orchestra

 LOVE'S THEME/Sweet Moments (20th Century TC 2069) 1973
RHAPSODY IN WHITE/Barry's Theme (20th Century TC 2090) 1974
THEME FROM TOGETHER BROTHERS/Find The Man Brothers (20th Century TC 2107) 1974
BABY BLUES/What A Groove (20th Century TC 2145) 1974
SATIN SOUL/Just Living It Up (20th Century TC 2162) 1974
ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU/Satin Soul ( UK 20th Century BTC 2168) 1975
FOREVER IN LOVE/Only You Can Make Me Blue (20th Century TC 2197) 1975
MIDNIGHT GROOVE/It's Only What I Feel (20th Century TC 2281) 1975
LOVE'S THEME/Satin Soul (Re-issues) (20th Century Remember Series TCR 6) 1976
MY SWEET SUMMER SUITE/Just Living It Up (20th Century TC 2301) 1976
THEME FROM KING KONG (Part 1)/(Part 2) (20th Century TC 2325) 1976
THEME FROM KING KONG/Blues Concerto (20th Century 12"-TCD 61) 1976
BRAZILIAN LOVE SONG/My Sweet Summer Suite (20th Century 7"-TC 2348; 12"-TCD 64) 1977
HEY LOOK AT ME I'M IN LOVE/Whisper Softly (20th Century TC 2364 7”) 1978
DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU/Hey Look At Me I'm In Love ( UK 20th Century TC 2367 7”) 1978
DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU/Hey Look At Me I'm In Love (20th Century 12"-TCD 66) 1978
THEME FROM SHAFT/Theme From Superman (20th Century 7"-TC 2399; 12"-TCD 72) 1979
YOUNG AMERICA/Freeway Flyer (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS8 1414; 12"-4Z8 1414) 1980
I WANNA BOOGIE AND WOOGIE WITH YOU/I'm In The Mood (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS6 1421) 1980
VIENI QUA BELLA MI/Bayou (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS6 1423) 1981
LIFT YOUR VOICE AND SAY/My Fantasies (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS5 02135/12"-4Z8 02135) 1981
WELCOME ABOARD/Strange (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS5 02478; 12”-4Z9-02479) 1981
NIGHT LIFE IN THE CITY/Wind (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS5 02635; 12”-4Z9-02636) 1982
DO IT TO THE MUSIC ... PLEASE/Anna Lisa (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS4 03580; 12"-4Z9 03582) 1983
MY LABORATORY (IS READY FOR YOU)/Goodbye Concerto (Unlimited Gold 7"-ZS4 03881; 12”-4Z9 03882) 1983

(Please note that this Discography details US releases only except where noted)